Friday, May 14, 2010

Convert an excel file to lotus 123?

Is there any way that I can convert an excel (2003 or 2007) file - no formulas, just data - to a lotus 123 spreadsheet file, without having to purchase any lotus products?

Convert an excel file to lotus 123?
Just change the file extention from .xls to .123

Should work in Lotus now. Either that or you can use "Save As" in Excel and select from the drop down menu!!!!


Good Luck!
Reply:instead of converting an excel file into lotus u can through lotus import wizard import an excel file otherwise u can import it into access then open it with lotus coz i never used lotus i dont know if there is an import in lotus but i am sure there is import in access and lotus can open acccess files
Reply:I really doubt it because they are rival products. They want to keep their customers loyal to just them. Its like converting files from a Mac to a PC. Practically impossible.

Your best bet is probably just to retype it in Lotus by using a different computer if you don't want to buy any lotus products.

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